Oil Extraction

Our non-OGM pesticide-free hemp is grown in natural medium with natural light and harvested when nature says it's ready.

The Hemp is then dried and cured in dedicated rooms in order to achieve the exact level of moisture necessary to develop the different flavours of the plant.

Hemp Drying and Curing process

Our in house lab then extracts and refines the CBD Oil following a stringent protocol aiming at purifying and concentrating the active principles and flavours of the plant resulting in the Premium Quality Single Strain "Estate" Oil now available for sale.


Because we own the process end-to-end, not only can we offer a personalised service with several key differenciators that will benefit your brand, but we also deliver a Premium "Estate" quality Product at unbeatable prices by bypassing the middle-man.

For more on this please have a look at our Fair Trade policy.